• Pure Gumby Gumby is 100% Pure Power with Leaf and Bark containing Tannins, Saponins, Alkaloids, Cardiac glycosides, Polysteroids, Anthraquinones, Triterpenoids, Flavonoids, and Phenolic compounds like that in green tea providing amazing health benefits. 

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Hand Harvested from Gumbi Gumbi (Gumby Gumby) Trees 
Our capsules have 30% more powder than size 0 capsules
We take great care and pride in producing our high quality 00 largest size 650mg veggie capsules.
Cool Milled - Air Dried in the Shade to Retain Potency
All leaves used are handpicked from identified Gumbi Gumbi trees growing organically in Queensland Australia, free of exposure to crop spraying and other harmful chemicals. They are then cool air dried in the shade for a month.
We don't use hot dehydrators or fans, which can reduce its 40 elements to only 16 elements and its organic Phenolics from percentages to parts per million. 
Your Gumbi Gumbi retains the highest levels of natural Minerals, Vitamins, Saponins, Tannins, Flavonoids, and Carotenoids, because we do not use hot grinding machines or any heat during the process preserving all the health benefits.
Your Gumbi Gumbi is then cool milled in our Laboratory with a water cooled grinder which shuts off if the temperature reaches over 35 degrees, so as not to cause heat damage to the active elements and to maximize the healing benefits to you and to ensure it retains all of the 40 elements and maximum potency for easy Assimilation and Absorbability into your body. Every step of the processing stage is done without application of heat so that the capsules you receive are of the highest quality and potency. 



  • Indigenous people of Australia have used the native Gumbi Gumbi/ Gumby Gumby tree for centuries obtaining great Benefits from this amazing Bushfood.

  • Gumbi Gumbi trees can live up to 100 years, grow to around 7 to 8 metres, and yield apricot-coloured fruit.

  • Gumbi Gumbi trees are incredibly resilient, surviving frost and drought conditions where rainfall is below 150 mm per year. 

  • Other names for the Gumbi Gumbi include native apricot, cumbi cumbi, gumby gumby, weeping pittosporum, meemeei, cattle bush, bitter bush, butter bush and berrigan. ​​

​Whilst our Pure Gumbi Gumbi Powder & Liquid Extract products are created by God for all, if a Cleansing/Detox reaction develops, please seek medical advice. 
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