Pure Gumbi Gumbi Liquid Extract

100% Pure Organic Gumbi Gumbi - Pittosporum Angustifolium Liquid Extract
Extracted in high grade pure alcohol for the highest potency and preservation.
We soak our leaves in pure alcohol for 4 weeks to extract and preserve all the goodness from the leaves for easy Assimilation and Absorbability by your body, which means you get the most benefit out of this wonderful herb.
Gumbi Gumbi Liquid Extract is an easy and convenient way to use this Traditional Beneficial Bushfood.
Best taken with food or mix with your favourite fresh juice or beverage to disguise strong potent flavour.

​Suggested Daily Use/Dosage for an Adult
Low 5ml - Medium 15ml - High 25+ml
General Guide for Daily Dose:- 3ml per 10kg of body weight for serious conditions

How to Store Pure Gumbi Liquid Extract
Pure Gumbi Liquid Extract is preserved in an alcohol base and does not require refrigeration.
Store out of direct sunlight. Pure Gumbi Liquid Extract Best Before Date is 2 years from purchase.

Gumbi Gumbi is a natural plant food/medicine and is not a drug. To our knowledge or experience there are no known side effects other than detox/cleansing reactions, which depending on the individual can be very varied! Start with a low amount and work to your body's ability to handle any cleanse, then increase as you're able or depending on your condition. A high amount would be say 25ml-30ml/day and would be used for serious cases. Work with your body. Everyone is different and there is no set amount for one person. Gumbi powerfully works with our bodies immune system, to boost body functions, cleanse and support our systems.
Whilst our Pure Gumbi Gumbi Leaf is 100% Natural, Created by God for all, if a Cleansing/Detox reaction develops, please seek medical advice.

Liquid Extract Pure Gumbi Gumbi

  • Pure Gumbi Gumbi Liquid Extract
    (100% Pure Gumbi Gumbi - Pittosporum Angustifolium - Liquid Extract)

    Gumbi Gumbi liquid extract is produced using a high quality, strong 40% alcohol base which is needed to draw and preserve the powerful medicinal properties hidden deep in the gumbi gumbi leaves. Anything less than this strength produces a weaker product, which means you need more of it to be of benefit- a waste of time and money! Liquid extracts are easy and convenient to use, especially as they only need to be taken in small amounts, as they are highly concentrated. Being a liquid there is very little digestion required. The beneficial properties enter the bloodstream and are much more easily absorbed than by any other means. This is especially important with the very ill and those with poor digestions. The action of the Gumbi Gumbi in the body is usually quicker and more efficient than Leaf Powder which requires more digestion.

    To take our potent and strong flavoured Gumbi Gumbi Herbal Extract it is fine to dilute the extract in a small amount of juice. It may be flavored with lemon or honey to disguise the taste.  
    Avoiding any liquids or foods for at least 15 minutes afterwards provides the best results.