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Pure Gumby Gumby Powder Capsules
100 Caps = 1 Bag  $24
​200 Caps = 2 Bag  $44
500 Caps = 1 Bottle  $90
1000 Caps = 2 Bottles  $160

Pure Gumby Gumby Liquid Extract
100ml  $25
200ml  $40
500ml  $90
​1 Litre  $160

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Side Effects of Gumby Gumby

Gumby is a natural plant food/medicine and is not a drug. To our knowledge or experience there are no known side effects other than detox/cleansing reactions, which depending on the individual can be very varied! Start with a very low amount and work to your body's ability to handle any cleanse, then increase as you're able or depending on your condition. Work with your body. Everyone is different and there is no set amount for one person. Gumby works powerfully on our bodies immune system, to boost body functions, cleanse and support our systems. 

​Whilst our Pure Gumby Gumby Powder & Liquid Extract products are created by God for all, if a Cleansing/Detox reaction develops, please seek medical advice. 

Caution:- Gumby Gumby is a powerful detoxifier and as a result may cause slight to severe detox reactions. Start with very small amounts and work up as the body is able to handle it. ​

Can Gumby Gumby Cure Cancer?​
Some websites claim that Gumby Gumby Products can cure cancer. We do not make any claims about a Gumby Gumby cancer cure. For more Research see our Research page here.

Where to Buy Gumby Gumby Australia

Purchase Pure Gumby Gumby Capsules for sale from our online shop here.
Where to buy a Gumby Gumby Tree?
Pure Gumby is located near Kingaroy. Other sellers of Gumby are located near Rockhampton/Yeppoon, Clermont, Chinchilla and Margate. If you compare prices from these other sellers you will find that our products are the best value for money. Pure Gumbys products are of Premium Quality at the Lowest Prices.

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